Terms of use

While PtApk provides its services free of charge, we maintain certain rules to foster a gaming ecosystem and ensure the creation of high-quality applications aligned with our safety goals, making it a valuable platform for all users. While we cannot directly control your actions while utilizing our services, it is essential to outline our terms.

Non-compliance with these terms may absolve PtApk of responsibility for any resulting issues, subjecting the parties involved to legal consequences. We trust in the collective responsibility of our users to uphold a safe and enjoyable environment for all individuals to make the most of their leisure time.

Policy of PtApk


As the Publisher, we aim to introduce a diverse range of games and applications to the community. You can stay informed about new features and updates through our regular announcements. Additionally, we offer the upgrade function at no cost, unlike other platforms.

However, if you choose to replicate our content, you must provide a link crediting PtApk as the original author. Any unlawful actions regarding our content will result in appropriate measures being taken, with the responsible party bearing full accountability.


On each article page featuring any game or software, there’s a section provided for users to leave comments and ask questions. To ensure the quality of the content displayed publicly, it’s imperative to adhere to appropriate language and refrain from using vulgar expressions, particularly false comments that could negatively impact others.

In the future, we may enhance this feature by integrating additional information such as names and emails, and potentially linking it with social networks to optimize its functionality.


At PtApk, we continuously strive to provide you with the most captivating experience on our website, from regularly updated content to ensuring the fastest download speeds.

As a user, your contribution to fostering a functional site is invaluable whenever you download specific applications. Please exhibit civility and proper conduct, as it silently supports the PtApk team in our efforts to maintain a quality platform for all users.

External links

As mentioned, as the main referrer because there will be links pointing to the publisher’s landing page. We promise that all links originating from PtApk do not affect the security of your device.


PApk target audience is members aged 14 and above, if below this age you need legal guardianship or parental permission. If you knowingly violate this section, you assume full responsibility.